Execution of Judgement

Once an execution is turned into the Sheriff's Office, the following procedures take place:

  • A file is created and assigned to one of the civil process servers. Research is done on the defendant's assets. Assets include:
    • Bank accounts
    • Boats
    • Motorcycles
    • Property
    • Vehicles
  • If the plaintiff would like vehicles seized, the fee for towing is a flat fee plus mileage. This fee is added to the defendant’s costs.
  • The civil process servers may levy (seize) the defendant’s property to satisfy the judgment. Physical assets levied, such as vehicles, will be sold at a Sheriff’s Sale to satisfy the judgment.
  • The Sheriff's Office has sixty days to return the judgment.
  • The judgment will be returned satisfied, partially satisfied or unsatisfied.
  • If the judgment is satisfied or partially satisfied a check will be issued.