Civil Process Fees

A Sheriff's return of service is produced with each process received in our office. Upon service, it is filled out by the civil server and returned to the agency from whence it came. The Sheriff's return also serves as billing for said service. A copy of the return must accompany payment for service. Mileage is figured at $0.50 a mile.


The fees for the Civil Process include:

  • Affidavit: $50 plus mileage
  • Complaint: $50 plus mileage
  • Execution of judgment: $95
  • Levy on execution: $50
  • Notice: $50 plus mileage
  • Petition: $50 plus mileage
  • Protection orders: No fee
  • Quit and vacate: $50 plus mileage
  • Small Claims: $50 plus mileage
  • Subpoena: $20 plus mileage
  • Summons: $50 plus mileage