Ordinances, Planning Studies & Important Documents

Ordinances, Planning Sturdies and Important Documents (click on links to view)

Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances

(These links will take you to an outside website as the County uses American Legal Publishing Corporation to maintain the Zoning & Subdivision ordinances)
Planning Studies 

(These documents were created with the City of Spearfish to help guide the areas located within these areas as development occurs.)
Important Documents

(These documents are to help guide fire safety and rural living within Lawrence County unincorporated areas.)
Highway 85 Study Area Lawrence County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)
Subdivision Ordinances Old Belle Road Study Area Background Report Rural Living
  Old Belle Road Study Land Use Recommendation Comprehensive Plan (2005)
  Old Belle Use Area Existing Conditions Exhibit Map Adopted Lawrence County Comprehensive Plan 2030 (12.8.2020)