Provided Services


Lawrence County Search and Rescue has the equipment and training to perform extrication of victims of vehicle accidents.


LCSAR has the training, manpower, and equipment needed to perform searches for missing persons. LCSAR has trained with the use of air scent and tracking search dogs and can call on these resources when needed.

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LCSAR will perform or assist in carry-out of injured or medical victims in remote areas. The team has equipment enough to handle multiple victims if necessary.

Rope Rescue

LCSAR has the training and equipment necessary to safely rescue someone that requires the technical application of rope rescue.

Weather Watch & Rescue

The team members perform monitoring for early tornado warning, flood water monitoring, blizzard operations, and any other weather related emergencies. The team operates two Snowcats for severe winter operations.

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Remote Lighting

LCSAR has generators, lights, cords, and stands to provide remote lighting wherever needed.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) / Snowmobile Rescue

LCSAR has snowmobiles and ATVs with 2 ambulance rescue sleds to handle remote incidents.

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