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Auditor: Connie Atkinson
1st Deputy: Brenda McGruder
Deputy: Mel Nelson
Deputy: Debbie Sargent
Deputy: Robin Lucero
Accounting Clerk: Krystal Stulken
Accounting Clerk: Kimberly Atkins
Telephone Number: (605)-578-1941
Fax Number: (605)-578-1065
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Voter Information
Property Tax Information
2016 Annual Report

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The Auditor's Office provides a number of services to the citizens of the County. The primary responsibility of the Auditor is the auditing of all financial records of the County. The office is also responsible for the apportioning of taxes collected by the Treasurer to be disbursed to the Schools, Cities, Sanitation Districts and other special assessment entities. The Office is in charge of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Official Recorder of minutes for the Board of County Commissioners. The Office maintains all voter records and administers all elections at the County level or above.

Photography by Woody's Wild West Old Time Photos


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